TAKEN IN is a handmade feature film about a man who must spend a weekend alone with his estranged teenage daughter at a roadside resort. It is here that Simon and Brooklyn must confront the issues that have driven them apart, and ultimately choose how they will move forward...together or alone.

TAKEN IN was written and directed by personal filmmaker, Chris White. It was made entirely with cash and in-kind contributions from friends and family. The story (co-written with his wife Emily), was inspired by Chris’ theatre work with students at a therapeutic boarding school. The film is dedicated to his own teenage daughter, Gibson.

TAKEN IN was filmed at South of the Border, Dillon SC USA in the Spring of 2011.

27 March 2011


So what do you do when you only have five days to shoot a movie and...it rains?

You thank God for the art direction, embrace the storm, and keep making your movie.

We'd planned to shoot Scene 12 outside tonight. It's one of the last scenes of the film where Brooklyn meets up with Dillon after a crushing meeting with her father, and the two zoom off into the night together. But rain was falling at 7:00 PM, and we couldn't shoot in the location we'd hoped for—next to the "Bickering Chickens.

Instead, we shot inside the flourescent-lit arcade...at the base of SOTB's iconic sombrero tower. We shot the scene by the skee ball game in the arcade...where Maddi and Ronnie gave utterly gorgeous performances.

So what happens when it rains on your set? It rains in your movie, too. And you look for an arcade.

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