TAKEN IN is a handmade feature film about a man who must spend a weekend alone with his estranged teenage daughter at a roadside resort. It is here that Simon and Brooklyn must confront the issues that have driven them apart, and ultimately choose how they will move forward...together or alone.

TAKEN IN was written and directed by personal filmmaker, Chris White. It was made entirely with cash and in-kind contributions from friends and family. The story (co-written with his wife Emily), was inspired by Chris’ theatre work with students at a therapeutic boarding school. The film is dedicated to his own teenage daughter, Gibson.

TAKEN IN was filmed at South of the Border, Dillon SC USA in the Spring of 2011.

08 March 2011


Some of these songs serve more as inspiration to the writing and thinking about TAKEN IN, while others actually sound like what I hope the TAKEN IN soundtrack will sound like.

But all of them are playing on my iPod as I work on the film...think about its characters...and imagine the various places the story will take us.

For now, a quick listen through these tunes, may help you start to get a feel for the film I'm planning.

“Right On Time” \\ Zach Williams

I have a sequence in TAKEN that’s begging for the second part of this song (02:51).

“Dull To Pause” \\ Junior Boys

There is a part of me that thinks that this kind of Brian Eno-y, Postal Service-esque electronica may suit TAKEN IN. The arrangement of music and percussion is restrained, simple…elegant.

Don’t Do Anything” \\ Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips’ music sounds like my film. The muted and fuzzy electric guitar, the flat percussion, even the occasional intervention of strings…no other music artist captures the spirit of what I’m trying to do cinematically as much as Sam. I should note…this song, lyrically, is the theme of my film. So…yeah…musically, it’s pretty much what I want my film to sound like at this point.

“Santo Domingo” \\ Rodrigo y Gabriela

TAKEN IN, as conceived, may have a tendency to drag, plod, run slow and flat. There may be a point or two when I need my score to carry us…to pump some energy into the proceedings.

“Water from the Same Source” \\ Rachel’s

Strings again. And now…an acoustic piano base. I like the gentle, building spirit of this track. It already sounds score-ready, in fact. I place it here to note that I am not necessarily tied to Sam Phillips fuzz guitar. I may be wooed by something more languid.

“Moon River” \\ The Innocence Mission

A song like this…man…in post-production…there are times when a song like this makes you want to mortgage your house to get it.

“Sign ‘O’ the Times” \\ Prince

This song seduced me when I was 17 years old…still flirts hard every time I listen to it. (Especially that sweet-talking bridge…or is that the chorus?) Not sure if it fits, but…again, I could go there.

Forget Me Not” \\ The Civil Wars

This track is the current leader for last scene/closing credits. It sounds like where my father-daughter film is headed.

Shut Up and Let Me Go” \\ The Ting Tings

This sounds like Brooklyn (the daughter in TAKEN IN). Might be fun to explore a moment in the score that heads into this 80’s funk/pop corner. Of course, the female voice sells it.

Star Star” \\ The Frames

Love the production of this track. It’s Glen, sometimes two Glen vocals (plus Marketa?), his acoustic, and electric/support…some Jon Brion-esque add-ons mid-way, drums…restraint is the key. Simplicity with a touch of whimsy.

"Bizarre Love Triangle” \\ South

Restrained, simple, building…tiny to start. Then…an arrival that can’t be ignored. This (and Junior Boys) is the style of electric music I would favor for TAKEN IN.

“Alone” \\ Bruno Coulais (with Helene Breschand)

I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce a passage from the most beautiful film score of 2009: Coulais’ CORALINE. A marriage of vocals and music that is hard to resist.

“Farewell” \\ Rosie Thomas

There is a place in the film…where we get to a place that feels like this track. Grand piano and voice. Sometimes…it’s the simple things.

“Before Cologne” \\ Ben Folds

Someday, I’d love to hire this cat to score a movie I was directing. Less than one minute of composition…tells an entire story. Notice the use of the auto harp. Haven’t thought of that instrument since Sunday School…but…may be nice on our score.

Everything In Its Right Place” \\ Radiohead

Kid A may be the best record of the 2000s. And this track…the album opener…was a game changer for alt-pop music. So…I think breakthrough music is worth throwing into the mix when we’re at the imagination phase. Just want it to mess with us a bit. Challenge us. Keep us on our toes.

Creep” \\ Scala & Kolacny Brothers

More Radiohead…this time sung by children. Gorgeous. Again…just to make us think, rethink, and think again.

Bushwick Blues” \\ Delta Spirit

One more track to consider for last scene/credits. I like the idea of ending TAKEN IN with some crunchy, rock-n-roll energy. Let’s the audience off the hook, sends them out of the theater happy.

Instead” \\ Madeleine Peyroux

I know this is a can of worms…gypsy-land jazz. Still. I like it. And it feels like certain moments of this movie.


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