TAKEN IN is a handmade feature film about a man who must spend a weekend alone with his estranged teenage daughter at a roadside resort. It is here that Simon and Brooklyn must confront the issues that have driven them apart, and ultimately choose how they will move forward...together or alone.

TAKEN IN was written and directed by personal filmmaker, Chris White. It was made entirely with cash and in-kind contributions from friends and family. The story (co-written with his wife Emily), was inspired by Chris’ theatre work with students at a therapeutic boarding school. The film is dedicated to his own teenage daughter, Gibson.

TAKEN IN was filmed at South of the Border, Dillon SC USA in the Spring of 2011.

05 May 2011


INT/EXT The Motel Room

Simon chats absently on the phone, as he stares out of the motel room window, across the nearly barren parking lot.

“Are we still talking about a deal? This is starting to sound like a date.”

He starts when he notices Brooklyn walking across the parking lot with a man twice her age.

“Hey, look…I gotta run…I’ll call you back.”

Blam-blam-blam! A sudden knock on the motel room door.

Simon cracks the door and see the waitress, Dawn, standing there.

“What even happened last night, I mean…god, did we do that?”

Simon and Dawn talk in the doorway. She’d rather come in, though. He is far more interested in where Brooklyn is going, and with whom, but doesn’t say that.

Soon, they are making out on his bed, though the passion fizzles abruptly when she notices that Brooklyn’s things are gone.

“What happened to your daughter?”

“I don’t…she…I just saw her walking across the parking lot with some guy in a red cap.”

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