TAKEN IN is a handmade feature film about a man who must spend a weekend alone with his estranged teenage daughter at a roadside resort. It is here that Simon and Brooklyn must confront the issues that have driven them apart, and ultimately choose how they will move forward...together or alone.

TAKEN IN was written and directed by personal filmmaker, Chris White. It was made entirely with cash and in-kind contributions from friends and family. The story (co-written with his wife Emily), was inspired by Chris’ theatre work with students at a therapeutic boarding school. The film is dedicated to his own teenage daughter, Gibson.

TAKEN IN was filmed at South of the Border, Dillon SC USA in the Spring of 2011.

26 May 2011


I've sent out a dozen "pre-release" copies of TAKEN IN to close friends and colleagues for their feedback...and have set up four small group screenings in the next two weeks as well.

Just looking for a little feedback before we make final cuts and changes to the film prior to duplication and distribution on July 15.

I'm curious to know their overall impressions of the film, what they thought of the black and white cinematography, the acting, the story, the music. I want to know what impresses people about the movie, and what problems they have with it. And...I want to know if they would be willing to recommend it to a friend. And if they did recommend it to a friend, how they would describe it to them.

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